Company: Connection Enterprise Solutions

716 Dekalb Pike
Suite 128
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania 19422
Contact: Rob Foreman
p: (610) 239-1060
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Company Details

Upgrade Operations Management & Improve Healthcare Outcomes With the Right Technology –

Connection’s healthcare IT experts are here to help you find and implement the right technology to achieve your organization’s goals.
With our Healthcare Technology Solutions, we’ll give you the tools and support you need to upgrade your organization from the inside out—from your infrastructure to your telemedicine services and everything in between. Get the most from your technology investments and make your organization better for your patients, providers, and the communities you serve.

These solutions are designed to help your healthcare organization:

  • Manage a growing base of virtual and in-person patients with better mobility.
  • Minimize healthcare expenditures using preventive measures and personalized care.
  • Accelerate communications and collaboration for efficient care delivery.
  • Make your hospital safer for patients and providers with workplace infection control.
  • Allocate resources and budget appropriately with inventory management and predictive analytics.
  • Save money by replacing outdated legacy systems and improving security.